CHOM is dedicated to making sure individuals with disabilities are not overlooked when visiting. Our goal is to provide a place where all individuals feel welcome. We have consulted with therapists and identified what is needed for the inclusion of all children to participate in learning opportunities. In doing so, we deliberately chose a handicap and wheelchair accessible location for the museum for our new Sensory Room.

The Sensory Room is designed to be an area where children can explore new ways of sensory reception. The room is open to all children, but every children is expected to be closely supervised by an adult at all times so that the children for whom the equipment was designed for can play and learn and grow without disruption.

This new exhibit will serve children of all abilities ages 1 and up, with a primary focus on, but not limited to helping children with autism, sensory processing disorder, cerebral palsy, and downs syndrome. The equipment will help children with motor planning, balance, fine & gross motor, core strengthening, spatial awareness, and coordination. This exhibit is unique because there is no other public access facility within a 75 mile radius that offers this type of experience.

Often times, children with autism or sensory processing disorder have difficulty adjusting to stimulating environments, and will often flee the area. Parents then have to retrieve their child, and if there are siblings, this is a difficult task. With that in mind, a room with doors that may be left open or closed was chosen as the sensory room. With the equipment purchased, the opportunity is presented for all children of varying abilities to grow. A separate room, with appropriate activities for all children will benefit the entire family.

The Sensory Room Grand Opening will be held on Friday, July 26th at noon with the support of the Greater Freeport Partnership. We are offering free admission that day, but donations are welcome. The Children’s Hands-On Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we would not exist apart from the support of our members and community. We look forward to seeing you!