The Explore Science: Earth & Space hands-on learning events include exciting science activities.  Participants will explore the concepts of temperature and light, earth, technology, the solar system and much more! Explore Science is a program provided to the Children’s Hands-On Museum of Northwest Illinois by the National Informal STEM Education Network and NASA and encourages children to get the hands-on experience with Earth and space science concepts.

Field Trips: Find out about slots available for students on field trips by contacting CHOM at Dates available include May 7, 8, 14, 15, and 16 in both AM and PM time slots.

Visitors and members of CHOM can also enjoy these hands-on science experiences on May 10 (11 AM) May 11 (10:30 AM) and May 12 (1 PM).

Kids will get to experience educational programs including

  • Temperature Mapping
  • Hide and Seek Moon (younger)
  • Pocket Solar System (younger)
  • Filtered Light
  • Expanding Universe
  • Stomp Rocket

…and more!

Also available during this time is the Starlab indoor planetarium. Don’t miss this exciting time for your children to learn more about their universe!

First come, first serve. Each session can serve up to 50 children.